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“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” 

George Eliot
מהו אימון נוירו-קוגניטיבי
אימון נוירו-קוגניטיבי -Infinity mind
אני מאמין
כלים ושיטות
“In order for man to succeed in life, God provided him with two means, education and physical activity. Not separately, one for the soul and the other for the body, but for the two together. With these means, man can attain perfection.”





The human brain research is one of the most advanced research fields. On the ground of its revelations we know today that the brain never stops developing and that it is dynamic, plastic and can always be enhanced and improved. Athletes, musicians, students, managers and employees, healthy people and those struggling with difficulties – every man and woman, regardless of their age, can acquire new capabilities and improve dramatically existing ones. Among those cognitive skills are coordination, spatial orientation, the ability to carry out complicated tasks, good divided attention, filtering many data items simultaneously, performing complicated assessments and making better decisions. 




What is neuro-cognitive training


Neuro-cognitive training is a highly advanced training method, aiming to improve the human brain's capabilities, the trainee's cognitive skills and functioning and to enhance his abilities in his or hers professional field and daily activities.


The name of the training is derived from the fact that it deals with both the cognitive and the neurological aspects of the trainee. The cognitive aspect is aiming to improve his perception and data processing capabilities. The neurological aspect is aiming to improve his neural brain function and the circulation of the neurotransmitter Dopamine. Dopamine is one of the most important neurotransmitters in the brain and has a crucial importance for activities such as movement, attention, appreciation, planning, execution, self-regulation, coordination, spatial orientation, motivation and learning.




Infinity-Mind's neuro-cognitive training


Infinity Mind's unique and revolutionary Neuro-cognitive training implements in practice the latest insights in brain research. Training emphasizes the plastic ability of the brain and the close ties and interdependence that exists in the brain between the seemingly separate various functional systems, such as the movement system, the cognitive, the sensory and the attentional systems


The new insights in brain research are presented by Dr. John Ratey in his book, "The Brain User's Guide": "catching a ball is associated with the motor functions of the brain. But mental calculation is also associated with them. Cumulative evidence shows that the movement is essential to all other brain functions, including memory, emotion, language and learning. "High" brain functions were evolved from the movement and still depend on it", concludes Ratey.




Our vision


We believe that an efficient neuro-cognitive training must combine motor system, attentional system and cognitive system and to be performed both in projective circumstances and in situations identical or similar to what is happening in his daily life. "You play like you practice", says professional sports coaches to players. We, at Infinity Mind, believe that it's true in learning, playing, dancing or management as well. All this realms demand the same administrative, attentional and cognitive functions, manifested in different occupations and knowledge disciplines.




The training's advantages


Infinity Mind's unique training system empowers trainees with many advantages:


  • Improving brain plasticity and increasing the ability to quickly switch between tasks requiring a different level of brain activity

  • Training tailored to the unique characteristics of each individual trainee

  • Strengthening and developing cognitive skills essential for the trainee's occupation

  • Increasing concentration, reducing mental fatigue and developing effective operational capacity over a prolonged period of time

  • A gradual increase in the level of difficulty required, providing positive reinforcement and increases the satisfaction and motivation of the trainee

  • Acquisition of new skills and improving of existing skills

  • Improving the distribution of attention, increasing the ability to filter vast amounts of data simultaneously and make complex assessments and decisions

  • The training focuses both on the cognitive and neurological levels of the trainee

  • Improve coordination and synchronization between the motor, attentional and cognitive systems of the brain. A large part of the exercises are done in movement, and the motor, attentional and cognitive systems of the brain are challenged to improve the coordination and synchronization between them - just as required in most of our daily tasks and functions 

  • Multi-level training that uses a variety of therapeutic techniques and advanced technology tools, to maximize the effect of exercise on each trainee, to train specific skills and to strengthen specific visual, auditory or attentional elements.

  • Training for all ages, from young children to the elderly

  • Simulations which simulate situations encountered in the trainee's everyday life and therefore increase the ability to function and to cope with them successfully. In virtue of the motor component of the practice, it is possible, for example, to challenge athletes and performance artist and to train them in high pulse and stressful situations - similar to what is happening in their natural functioning environment.



Tools & Methods


Infinity Mind's training method combines various therapeutic methods and tools from diverse disciplines, in order to achieve maximum therapeutic effect and to extract each trainee's potential:


  • A combination of cognitive sensomotoric training, based on The 'Raviv athletic excellence program' (developed by Ronni Cohen) and a coordination and thinking skills development program

  • Video analysis

  • Coaching

  • NLP

  • Guided Imagery and breathing exercises

  • Sports psychology (if necessary)

  • Biofeedback (if necessary)

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