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Sport, thinking and decision-making


The modern sport today is nothing like the common sport a few decades ago. Competitions and games are conducted at a dizzying pace; athletes are required to process constantly changing information, and to make decisions within fractions of a second, while performing strenuous physical activity, and in a dynamic environment full of stimuli. During the activity, the athletes are required to execute high order thinking processes, such as working memory, sequence memory, spatial orientation, division of attention, and many others.


As a result, athletes who do not think quickly enough are left behind, missing one-time opportunities and can not reach top levels. The physical talent and technical capabilities that were once the main indicators of success are no longer sufficient. Even very talented athletes fail in real-time if they do not have the mental and cognitive skills necessary for success.



Infinity Mind


The complex cognitive demands and the advanced brain abilities required from athletes are behind the method developed by Infinity Mind. The method's principles are helping, for over a decade, athletes of all levels and sports, exercise better and more completely their mental and physical abilities. The method gives athletes the tools to improve their thinking abilities, maintain their concentration throughout the game, make superior decisions and cope with stress, and turns them into better and more successful athletes, fulfilling their talent better and reaching higher performance levels.



Infinity Mind's Tools and training methods


Infinity Mind's system operates on various levels and helps athletes improve the neuro-cognitive abilities essential to their sportive performance:


  • attention enhancement, data filtering, analysis and evaluation

  • Developing the ability to think on the fly, without delaying game flow

  • Reducing errors and increasing the ability to make the right decisions in the shortest time

  • Improve information processing and accelerate decision-making process

  • Increasing the ability to function under pressure

  • Reducing mental fatigue accumulated during performance

  • Full and improved realization of the athlete's potential

  • improvement of Coordination, spatial awareness and field orientation

  • Making the planning process automatic, therefore directing attentional resources to speed up response time and better opportunities usage



Training is appropriate for individuals and small workgroups of all kinds of sports, and is divided depending on the sport, the age of the athlete, his personal properties and his position on the field.


"The first thing that I was taught, when I came to Barcelona as a child, was to think, think and think" 

"The most important thing I teach my players during football practices is not the legs but the mind"


Louis van Gaal,
Manchester United

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