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Omri Caspi, Sacramento Kings: 

Infinity Mind's program had an undoubted roll in my improvement and it brought me plenty of mental peace of mind and maturity. I believe it to be uncommon in Israeli 

basketball to find a 19 years old player playing in the highest competitive levels with such a confidence and enduring high sportive performance. I'm convinced that 

Infinity Mind's program had an inseparable part in that.
It's a tool I implemented last year in the Galil Eliyon team, I am taking it with me to Maccabi and I will benefit from it for many years to come.

Sharan Yeini, Vitesse Arnem and Israel's national Soccer team 

I can say without a doubt that my ability to make better and faster decisions has improved after I started practicing. I've managed to reduce the number of mistakes I make and I feel more confident in the soccer field. The exercises help me to execute the coach's instructions and to get better decisions.

Nadav Konieczny, Rally Drive

During the week before the race I'm very strict about practicing the eight figure exercises. I meet Ronni once or twice a week and practice in his Clinique, and the morning before the race I exercise the eight figures moderately, making sure not to get too tired. Before the race starts
I close my eyes, my navigator holds the steering 

wheel and I practice the clock and breathing exercises.

Timmy Jermaine Bowers

I definitely can see influence with the whole group. At the beginning of the season, before we started training, our turnovers were a little bit higher than we wanted them to be, and as we continued to do the workouts our turnovers came down. The program influences me by making me more aware of things going on out there, and when I'm 

playing the game it makes my concentration a little bit higher as I'm playing the game and improves my focus.
I can take with me the breathing exercises to relax myself 

when I'm not as focused; Also the figure 8 walking because sometimes, when I come to a game I'm very pumped-up or sometimes I'm not pumped-up enough so when I change speed during the figure 8 it help me a lot as far as to ups and downs.


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