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Body Language in Sports

"Aristotle said that man is a "social animal" and a "linguistic animal." This convention is so anchored in our perception that it is hard to believe when psychologists claim that 90% of our communication is not verbal at all".


Confidence in the Game


"In most cases, the reasons that a player showed up for the game lacking confidence or not concentrated can be attributed to his mind set and precisely because of that he can do a lot to change this situation".





Cut Off the Cycle, Be Back in the Game


"Bruce McEwen, Neuro-Endocrinologist, explains in his book: " The End of Stress As We Know It", that we are able to bring ourselves to a state of madness only by the use of thoughts, despite the absence of any apparent threat".





Imagination As Excellence Promoting Instrument


"The enormous impact of using imagination on performance stems from the fact that our mind sometimes does not distinguish between reality and imagination..Therefore  even though we imagine, the brain operates some of the neurological systems, which are used when the exercise is done for real".





You Play Football With Your Mind


Coaches use to say that you cannot teach talent. Either you have it or you don't. This is true, but think how many talented football players work hard and still are not able to utilize their talent potential to the fullest?


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Excellence in Sports: Training the Brain


"Training the cognitive systems, in conjunction with carefully adjusted to the sportsman motorial-sensual work, can decrease to a minimum the dependency of a player in external stimulations and enable him greater regulation and self control".







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